Ash Meaning in Nepali: राख, धूलो, खारा, खाराब, अश्व, अश्वको राख

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Noun: राख (rakh), धूलो (dhulo), खारा (khara), खाराब (kharab), अश्व (ashwa), अश्वको राख (ashwako rakh)

Part of Speech of Ash:


Pronunciation of Ash:


Ash Synonyms:

1. Dust – धूलो (dhulo)

2. Cinders – राख (rakh)

3. Residue – अवशेष (avasesh)

4. Ember – अश्व (ashwa)

5. Soot – कालो धूलो (kalo dhulo)

6. Charcoal – कोयला (koyala)

Ash is a noun that refers to the powdery residue left after the combustion of a substance. It is commonly associated with the remains of burnt wood or other organic matter. In Nepali, ash can be translated as राख, धूलो, खारा, खाराब, अश्व, or अश्वको राख. It is pronounced as “ash”. Ash synonyms include dust, cinders, residue, ember, soot, and charcoal. To learn more about the meaning and usage of ash, you can refer to,, or

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