Badgered Meaning in Nepali

Badgered is the past tense and past participle form of the verb badger. It is derived from the English language and has been adopted in Nepali as well. The word badgered is used to describe the act of persistently annoying or harassing someone.

Nepali Meanings of Badgered:

  • छिडाइएको (Verb)
  • छेडिएको (Verb)
  • उत्पीडित (Adjective)
  • छिडाउनु (Verb)
  • छेड्नु (Verb)

Part of Speech:

Badgered is a verb.



Badgered Synonyms:

  • Harassed – उत्पीडित
  • Annoyed – छिडाइएको
  • Pestered – छेडिएको
  • Tormented – छिडाउनु
  • Bothered – छेड्नु


  • Assisted – सहायता गरिएको
  • Supported – समर्थन गरिएको
  • Helped – मद्दत गरिएको
  • Encouraged – प्रोत्साहित गरिएको
  • Protected – संरक्षित गरिएको


Note: The word “badgered” is not commonly used in Nepali, but its meaning and usage can be understood by English speakers in Nepal.

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