bad debt

Bad Debt Meaning in Nepali

Bad Debt को अर्थ नेपालीमा छ। यसका केहि नेपाली अर्थहरू छन्: खराब कर्जा, बिग्रिएको कर्जा, बिक्री नभएको कर्जा।

Nearby Words

– Noun: Debt (कर्जा), Liability (दायित्व), Obligation (दायित्व), Loan (ऋण), Credit (उधार)

– Adjective: Bad (खराब), Unpaid (अदायगर्न बाँकी), Outstanding (बाँकी रहेको), Overdue (म्याद गरेको भन्दा बढी बाँकी), Delinquent (असभ्य)

Part of Speech: Bad Debt is a noun.

Pronunciation: (bad det)

Bad Debt Synonyms

1. Unrecoverable Debt (अप्राप्य कर्जा)

2. Noncollectable Debt (वसूल नगर्ने कर्जा)

3. Defaulted Loan (अदायगरेको ऋण)

4. Irrecoverable Obligation (अप्राप्य दायित्व)

5. Nonperforming Debt (कार्यन्यान नगर्ने कर्जा)

6. Worthless Debt (अमूल्य कर्जा)

Bad Debt is a term used to describe a debt that is unlikely to be collected and is considered as a loss for the creditor. It refers to the amount owed by a debtor that is deemed uncollectible and is typically written off as an expense. Bad Debt can arise from various reasons such as bankruptcy, insolvency, or the debtor’s inability to repay the loan. It is important for businesses to carefully manage bad debts to minimize their impact on financial stability.


1. Good Debt (अच्छा कर्जा)

2. Recoverable Debt (प्राप्य कर्जा)

3. Collectable Debt (वसूल गर्ने कर्जा)

4. Performing Loan (कार्यन्यान गर्ने ऋण)

5. Valuable Debt (मूल्यवान कर्जा)

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