Avowed Meaning in Nepali

Nepali Meaning: घोषित, स्वीकृत, प्रमाणित, खुलासा

Part of Speech of Avowed:

Avowed is an adjective.

Pronunciation of Avowed:


Avowed Synonyms:

1. Declared – घोषित

2. Professed – स्वीकृत

3. Acknowledged – प्रमाणित

4. Open – खुलासा

5. Stated – बताउँदै

6. Confessed – स्वीकृत

Description and Origination of Avowed:

Avowed is an adjective that means openly acknowledged or declared. It is derived from the Middle English word “avowen,” which means to declare or acknowledge. The word emphasizes the act of openly stating or admitting something.


1. Hidden – लुकाउनुहोस्

2. Concealed – छुपाउनुहोस्

3. Denied – अस्वीकृत

4. Secret – गोप्य

5. Unacknowledged – अप्रमाणित


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