arch angel

Arch Angel Meaning in Nepali

In Nepali, the term “arch angel” can be translated into several meanings, including:

  • आर्क एन्जेल (noun) – उच्च स्तरको देवता
  • आर्क एन्जेल (noun) – मुख्य देवता
  • आर्क एन्जेल (noun) – प्रमुख देवता

Part of Speech: Noun

Pronunciation: /ɑːrtʃ ˈeɪndʒəl/

Arch Angel Synonyms:

  • Divine being – दैवी अस्तित्व
  • Heavenly messenger – स्वर्गीय सन्देशवाहक
  • Celestial being – आकाशीय अस्तित्व
  • Supernatural being – अलौकिक अस्तित्व
  • God’s messenger – भगवानको सन्देशवाहक

Arch angel is a term used to describe a high-ranking celestial being in various religious traditions. They are often considered to be messengers of God or divine beings with significant power and authority. The concept of arch angels originated from ancient religious texts and has been widely discussed and interpreted throughout history.


  • Demon – राक्षस
  • Evil spirit – शैतानी आत्मा
  • Dark angel – अँध्यारो एन्जेल

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