Akin Meaning in Nepali

Akin meaning in Nepali: जुडेको, समान, सम्बन्धित

Pronunciation: (uh-kin)

Part of Speech: adjective

Nearby Words:

  • Ally (noun) – सहायक, साथी
  • Related (adjective) – सम्बन्धित, जुडेको
  • Similar (adjective) – समान, एकरूप
  • Relevant (adjective) – सम्बन्धित, उपयुक्त
  • Corresponding (adjective) – मिल्ने, जुडेको


  • Related
  • Similar
  • Kindred
  • Allied
  • Connected


विपरीत (Opposite)

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Akin, an adjective, refers to something that is related, similar, or connected. In Nepali, it can be translated as जुडेको, समान, or सम्बन्धित. The pronunciation of “akin” is (uh-kin).

When looking for similar words, you may come across “ally” (सहायक, साथी), “related” (सम्बन्धित, जुडेको), “similar” (समान, एकरूप), “relevant” (सम्बन्धित, उपयुक्त), and “corresponding” (मिल्ने, जुडेको).

Synonyms for “akin” include “related,” “similar,” “kindred,” “allied,” and “connected.” The antonym, meaning the opposite, is “विपरीत” (viparit).

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