aut ocrat

Autocrat Meaning in Nepali

Autocrat, अटोक्रेट, अधिपति, अधिकारी, अधिकारवान, अधिपतिशाह

Nearby Words

– Autocracy (Noun) – अटोक्रेसी, अधिपतित्व
– Autocratic (Adjective) – अटोक्रेटिक, अधिपतिशाही, अधिकारवान
– Autocratically (Adverb) – अटोक्रेटिक रूपमा, अधिपतिशाही ढंगले
– Autocratical (Adjective) – अटोक्रेटिक, अधिपतिशाही, अधिकारवान
– Autocratism (Noun) – अटोक्रेटिज्म, अधिपतित्व
– Autocratize (Verb) – अटोक्रेटिज्म गर्नु, अधिपतित्व ल्याउनु

Part of Speech




Autocrat Synonyms

1. Dictator – निर्देशक
2. Despot – निरंकुश
3. Tyrant – निरंकुश
4. Authoritarian – अधिकारवान
5. Ruler – अधिपति
6. Monarch – अधिपतिशाह

A brief description of autocrat meaning in Nepali is provided along with several Nepali meanings of the term. Autocrat is a noun that refers to a ruler with unlimited power or authority. It can also mean a person who insists on complete obedience from others. The term is pronounced as “aw-tuh-krat”. Synonyms of autocrat in English include dictator, despot, tyrant, authoritarian, ruler, and monarch. For more detailed information, you can refer to the following sources:

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