Astrologic Meaning in Nepali

Astrologic, ज्योतिषीय, ज्योतिष सम्बन्धी, ज्योतिषबिद्यालयको, ज्योतिषशास्त्रीय

Nearby Words

– Astrologer (Noun) – ज्योतिषी

– Astrology (Noun) – ज्योतिष

– Astronomical (Adjective) – खगोलशास्त्रीय

– Astronomer (Noun) – खगोलशास्त्री

– Astronomy (Noun) – खगोलशास्त्र

Part of Speech: Astrologic is an adjective.

Pronunciation: astrologic (as-truh-loj-ik)

Astrologic Synonyms

– Astrological (Adjective) – ज्योतिषीय

– Zodiacal (Adjective) – राशिचक्रीय

– Horoscopic (Adjective) – राशिफलबाटको

– Celestial (Adjective) – आकाशीय

– Mystic (Adjective) – रहस्यमय

Description and Origination of Astrologic

Astrologic refers to anything related to astrology or the study of celestial bodies and their influence on human affairs. It is derived from the word “astrology,” which originated from the Greek words “astron” meaning “star” and “logos” meaning “study” or “knowledge.” Astrology has been practiced for centuries and is believed to provide insights into personality traits, relationships, and future events based on the positions and movements of celestial bodies.


– Nonastrological (Adjective) – ज्योतिषबाहिर

– Unpredictable (Adjective) – अपूर्व

– Random (Adjective) – अनियमित

– Irrelevant (Adjective) – अप्रासंगिक

– Inexplicable (Adjective) – अकथनीय

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