at the ready

At the Ready Meaning in Nepali: तत्पर, तत्परता, तत्पर रहेको, तत्पर छ, तत्पर रहेको छ

Nearby Words:

Noun: तत्परता (readiness), तत्परतामा (in readiness)

Adjective: तत्पर (ready), तत्पर रहेको (being ready)

Part of Speech:



(at the ready) [at thuh red-ee]

At the Ready Synonyms:

Prepared, Alert, Ready, Primed, Set, On standby

तयार, सतर्क, तत्पर, प्राथमिक, तयार गरिएको, तत्पर छ

Description and Origination:

The phrase “at the ready” means being prepared or in a state of readiness. It originated from military usage, where soldiers are required to be constantly prepared for action. It signifies being alert and ready to respond quickly to any situation.


Unprepared, Inattentive, Unready, Unalert

तयार नभएको, असतर्क, तत्पर नभएको, तत्पर नभएको

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