Acidify Meaning in Nepali

The word “acidify” is not a commonly used term in the Nepali language. However, it can be translated into Nepali as:

  • अम्लीकरण गर्नु (amlikaran garnu)
  • अम्लीकरण गर्ने (amlikaran garne)

Pronunciation: (uh-sid-uh-fahy)

Part of Speech: verb

Nearby Words:

  • Acidic (adjective) – अम्लीय (amliya)
  • Acidity (noun) – अम्लता (amalta)
  • Acid (noun) – अम्ल (aml)
  • Acidosis (noun) – अम्लोजन्यता (amlojanya)
  • Acidulate (verb) – अम्लीकरण गर्नु (amlikaran garnu)


  • Sour
  • Tart
  • Turn sour
  • Make acidic
  • Make sour


No direct antonyms found in Nepali.

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