Aunt-in-law Meaning in Nepali: बुहारी, बुहारीबुवा, बुहारीबुवाको बहिनी, बुहारीबुवाको छोरी, बुहारीबुवाको छोरीको छोरी

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Noun: Aunt, Uncle, Mother-in-law, Father-in-law, Sister-in-law

Adjective: In-law, Related, Family, Married, Sibling

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Aunt-in-law Synonyms:

1. Aunt-by-marriage (बुहारीद्वारा)

2. Aunt of spouse (बुहारीको बुहारी)

3. Spouse’s aunt (पतिको बुहारी)

4. Aunt of brother-in-law (भाइबुहारीको बुहारी)

5. Aunt of sister-in-law (बहिनीको बुहारी)

6. Aunt of spouse’s sibling (बुहारीको भाइबहिनीको बुहारी)

Aunt-in-law refers to the sister of one’s spouse or the wife of one’s uncle. It is a term used to describe the relationship between a person and their spouse’s aunt. The term is commonly used in Nepali culture to denote the familial connection between individuals. Aunt-in-law can also be used to refer to the aunt of one’s brother-in-law or sister-in-law. The term originated from the concept of extended family and the importance of familial relationships in Nepali society.


1. Niece (भतिजी)

2. Nephew (भतीजो)

3. Uncle (बुवा)

4. Mother (आमा)

5. Father (बाबा)

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