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Assume Meaning in Nepali: अनुमान गर्नु, मान्नु, धारण गर्नु, अनुमान लगाउनु

Nearby Words:

  • Assumption (Noun) – अनुमान
  • Assumed (Adjective) – मानिएको
  • Assuming (Verb) – मानेर
  • Assumer (Noun) – अनुमान गर्ने व्यक्ति

Part of Speech: Verb

(Pronunciation: uh-soom)

Assume Synonyms:

  • Presume – मान्नु
  • Suppose – अनुमान गर्नु
  • Believe – विश्वास गर्नु
  • Think – सोच्नु
  • Take for granted – अवग्रह गर्नु
  • Guess – अनुमान लगाउनु

Assume, meaning “अनुमान गर्नु” in Nepali, is a verb that signifies taking something for granted or accepting it as true without proof. It is often used when one makes a presumption or supposition based on limited information. The word “assume” originated from the Latin word “assumere,” which means “to take up” or “to undertake.”


  • Reject – अस्वीकार गर्नु
  • Deny – अस्वीकार गर्नु
  • Disbelieve – विश्वास नगर्नु

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