ad infinitum

Ad Infinitum: Meaning in Nepali

Ad Infinitum (अद इन्फिनिटम) is a Latin phrase that is commonly used in English. It is pronounced as [ad in-fin-i-tuhm].

Part of Speech

Ad Infinitum is an adverbial phrase.

Nepali Meaning

In Nepali, Ad Infinitum can be translated as अनन्तकालसम्म, अनन्तवार वा अनन्तसमयसम्म.

Nearby Words

  • Ad Hoc (adjective) – तत्कालिन, अनियमित
  • Ad Lib (adverb) – बिना तैयारीको, बिना योजनाको
  • Ad Nauseam (adverb) – अत्यधिक, अत्यन्त, अत्यावश्यकतासम्बन्धी


  • Endlessly
  • Forever
  • Perpetually
  • Infinitely
  • Continuously


The antonym of Ad Infinitum in Nepali is अनिश्चितकालमा (Anishchitkaalma).


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