Atomical Meaning in Nepali: अणुसम्बन्धी, अणुबासी, अणुगत, अणुवादी

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Noun: अणुवाद, अणुवादक, अणुवादी, अणुवादिनी

Adjective: अणुसम्बन्धी, अणुबासी, अणुगत, अणुवादी

Part of Speech:




Atomical Synonyms:

1. Molecular – आणविक

2. Microscopic – अत्यन्त सूक्ष्म

3. Subatomic – अणुसम्बन्धी

4. Atomic – अणुगत

5. Elemental – तत्विक

6. Nuclear – परमाणुसम्बन्धी

Description and Origination of Atomical: Atomical is an adjective that relates to atoms or subatomic particles. It is derived from the word “atom,” which refers to the basic unit of matter. In Nepali, atomical can be translated as अणुसम्बन्धी, अणुबासी, अणुगत, or अणुवादी. It is commonly used in scientific and technical contexts to describe things that are related to atoms or have atomic properties.


1. Macroscopic – बड़ाईलो

2. Macro – बड़ा

3. Macrocosmic – विश्वबड़ा

4. Macroscopic – बड़ाईलो

5. Megascopic – बड़ाईलो

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