astronomical year

Astronomical Year Meaning in Nepali

The Nepali meanings of “astronomical year” are: खगोलीय वर्ष, खगोलीय वर्षको, खगोलीय वर्षका, खगोलीय वर्षका, खगोलीय वर्षका, खगोलीय वर्षका (noun).

Nearby Words

  • Astronomical (adjective) – खगोलीय
  • Year (noun) – वर्ष

Part of Speech

Astronomical year is a noun phrase.


(as-truh-nom-i-kuhl year)

Astronomical Year Synonyms

  • Celestial Year – खगोलीय वर्ष
  • Sidereal Year – खगोलीय वर्ष
  • Tropical Year – खगोलीय वर्ष
  • Equinoctial Year – खगोलीय वर्ष
  • Solar Year – खगोलीय वर्ष
  • Julian Year – खगोलीय वर्ष

Description and Origination of Astronomical Year

An astronomical year refers to the time it takes for the Earth to complete one orbit around the Sun. It is approximately 365.25 days long. This concept originated from the study of astronomy and the need to measure and understand the Earth’s motion in relation to celestial bodies. The astronomical year is an important unit of time used in various astronomical calculations and observations.


  • Non-Astronomical Year – गैर-खगोलीय वर्ष

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