at loggerheads

At Loggerheads Meaning in Nepali: नेपालीमा “at loggerheads” भनेको अर्थ छ। यसका केही नेपाली अर्थहरू छन्: बिरोधी, विरोधी स्थितिमा, विरोधी अवस्थामा।

Nearby Words:

Noun: Loggerhead (लगरहेड), Log (लग), Logarithm (लगायत्र), Logic (तर्क), Logician (तर्कबिद)

Verb: Log (लग), Lodge (लज), Log in (लग इन), Log out (लग आउट), Log on (लग अन)

Part of Speech:

At loggerheads is an idiom.


(at log-er-heds)

At Loggerheads Synonyms:

1. Disagree (असहमत हुनु, असहमति)

2. Clash (टकराउनु, टकरानु)

3. Quarrel (कलह, झगडा)

4. Argue (बहस गर्नु, वाद गर्नु)

5. Conflict (सङ्घर्ष, द्वन्द्व)

6. Dispute (विवाद, विचारविमर्श)

Description and Origination:

The phrase “at loggerheads” means to be in a state of disagreement or conflict. It originated from the term “loggerhead,” which refers to a large-headed iron tool used for heating tar. When two people were in a heated argument, it was said that they were “at loggerheads.” The phrase is commonly used to describe a situation where two parties are unable to reach an agreement or have opposing views.


1. Agree (सहमत हुनु, सहमति)

2. Harmonize (मेल खानु, मेल खानु)

3. Concur (सहमत हुनु, सहमति)

4. Unite (एकता गर्नु, एकता)

5. Cooperate (सहयोग गर्नु, सहयोग)

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