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Ascending Order Meaning in Nepali

In Nepali, the term “ascending order” can be translated into several meanings, including उच्चतम क्रम (uchchatam kram), बढ्दो क्रम (badhdo kram), and उच्चतम आदेश (uchchatam aadesh).

Nearby Words

  • Ascending (adjective) – उच्चतम (uchchatam)
  • Order (noun) – क्रम (kram)

Part of Speech

The term “ascending order” is a noun phrase.


(uh-sen-ding awr-der)

Ascending Order Synonyms

  • Increasing order – बढ्दो क्रम (badhdo kram)
  • Sequential order – क्रमिक क्रम (kramik kram)
  • Progressive order – प्रगतिशील क्रम (pragatishil kram)
  • Rising order – उच्चतम क्रम (uchchatam kram)
  • Gradual order – धीरे-धीरे क्रम (dhire-dhire kram)

Ascending order refers to arranging elements or numbers in increasing numerical or alphabetical order. It is a fundamental concept in mathematics and computer science, allowing for easier organization and comparison of data. The term can be found in various contexts, such as sorting algorithms, database queries, and data analysis.


  • Descending order – घट्दो क्रम (ghatdo kram)
  • Decreasing order – कम्तिमा क्रम (kamtimma kram)

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