Adversative Meaning in Nepali

Adversative is a word used in English to describe a type of conjunction or a word that expresses contrast or opposition between two ideas or clauses. In Nepali, the meaning of adversative can be translated as “विरोधात्मक” (virodhātmak), “प्रतिकूल” (pratikūl), or “विपरीत” (viparīt).

Pronunciation: (ad-ver-suh-tiv)

Part of Speech: Adjective

Nearby Words:

  • Conjunction: तर (tar) – but
  • Adjective: विपरीत (viparīt) – opposite
  • Noun: विरोध (virodh) – opposition
  • Adverb: प्रतिकूलतापूर्ण (pratikūlatāpūrṇ) – contrary
  • Verb: विरोध गर्नु (virodh garnu) – oppose


  • Contrasting
  • Opposing
  • Conflicting
  • Divergent
  • Incompatible


The antonym of adversative in Nepali is “सामर्थ्य” (sāmarthya), meaning capability or ability.

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