Avarice Meaning in Nepali

Nepali Meanings: लोभ, लोभीता, लोभपूर्णता

Part of Speech:

Avarice is a noun.



Avarice Synonyms:

1. Greed (लोभ)

2. Covetousness (लोभीता)

3. Rapacity (लोभपूर्णता)

4. Cupidity (लोभ)

5. Acquisitiveness (लोभीता)

6. Mammonism (लोभपूर्णता)

Description and Origination:

Avarice is a strong desire for wealth or material gain, often characterized by greed and an insatiable appetite for acquiring more. It is a negative trait that can lead to unethical behavior and a disregard for others. The word “avarice” originated from the Latin word “avaritia,” meaning “greed” or “covetousness.”


1. Generosity (उदारता)

2. Selflessness (अहंकाररहितता)

3. Altruism (अन्यायरहितता)

4. Benevolence (कृपालुता)

5. Philanthropy (दानशीलता)


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