Arranging Meaning in Nepali: ब्यवस्थापन, व्यवस्थापन, बनाउने, तयार पार्ने, व्यवस्था गर्ने

Nearby Words:

Noun: arrangement (व्यवस्था), organizer (व्यवस्थापक), coordinator (समन्वयक), planner (नियोजक)

Verb: organize (व्यवस्था गर्नु), prepare (तयार पार्नु), set up (स्थापना गर्नु), fix (ठिक गर्नु)

Part of Speech of Arranging: Verb

Pronunciation of Arranging:


Arranging Synonyms:

1. organizing (व्यवस्था गर्नु)

2. setting up (स्थापना गर्नु)

3. preparing (तयार पार्नु)

4. coordinating (समन्वय गर्नु)

5. fixing (ठिक गर्नु)

6. managing (व्यवस्थापन गर्नु)

Description and Origination of Arranging:

Arranging refers to the act of organizing or setting things in a particular order or pattern. It involves planning and coordinating various elements to achieve a desired outcome. This term originated from the Old French word “arranger,” meaning to put in order or prepare. Arranging is an essential skill in various fields, such as event management, music composition, interior design, and project planning.


1. disarranging (व्यवस्था भंग गर्नु)

2. disordering (अव्यवस्था गर्नु)

3. jumbling (गोलमाल गर्नु)

4. disorganizing (अव्यवस्था गर्नु)

5. neglecting (उपेक्षा गर्नु)

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