Meaning in Nepali: विज्ञापन गर्दछ, प्रचार गर्दछ

Pronunciation: (ad-ver-tahyz)

Part of Speech: verb

Nearby Words:

  • Advertisement: विज्ञापन
  • Advertising: प्रचार
  • Advertiser: विज्ञापनकर्ता
  • Advert: विज्ञापन
  • Advertorial: विज्ञापनीय लेख


  • promotes
  • publicizes
  • markets
  • announces
  • displays


  • conceals (छिपाउनु)
  • suppresses (दमन गर्नु)
  • withholds (बाँच्दछ)
  • hides (लुकाउनु)

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Advertises, as a verb, refers to the act of promoting or publicizing a product, service, or event through various means of communication. In Nepali, it is translated as “विज्ञापन गर्दछ” or “प्रचार गर्दछ.” Advertises is commonly used in the field of marketing and advertising to create awareness and attract potential customers. It involves strategies such as creating advertisements, running campaigns, and utilizing different media channels to reach the target audience. Some synonyms for advertises include promotes, publicizes, markets, announces, and displays. On the other hand, antonyms like conceals, suppresses, withholds, and hides represent actions opposite to advertising. To explore more about the word advertises, you can refer to,, or

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