Argot Meaning in Nepali: अर्गो, भाषा, बोली, बोलचाल, बोलीचाल

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Noun: शब्दावली (vocabulary), भाषा (language), बोली (speech), बोलचाल (conversation), बोलीचाल (colloquialism)

Verb: बोल्नु (to speak), बोलाउनु (to make someone speak)

Part of Speech of Argot:


Pronunciation of Argot:


Argot Synonyms:

slang (बोलीचाल), jargon (शब्दावली), vernacular (बोली), colloquialism (बोलचाल), lingo (भाषा), patois (बोलीचाल)

Argot refers to a specialized vocabulary or set of expressions used by a particular group or subculture. It is often associated with slang and jargon. The term originated from French and has been adopted in various languages, including Nepali.


Standard language (मानक भाषा), formal speech (औपचारिक भाषण)

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