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Aside from Meaning in Nepali

In Nepali, the phrase “aside from” can be translated into several meanings. Some of the Nepali meanings of “aside from” include: बाहिर बाट, बाहिर छोडी, बाहिर भएको, बाहिर छोड्ने, and बाहिर छोड्नुहोस्.

Nearby Words

Here are some nearby words with their respective parts of speech and Nepali meanings:

1. Aside (adverb) – बाहिर, छोडी, छोड्नु, छोड्ने

2. From (preposition) – बाट, देखि, बाटे, बाटै

Part of Speech of Aside From

The phrase “aside from” is a preposition.

Pronunciation of Aside From

The pronunciation of “aside from” is [uh-sahyd fruhm].

Aside From Synonyms

Here are some synonyms of “aside from” along with their Nepali translations:

1. Apart from – बाहिर छोडी

2. Besides – बाहिर

3. Except for – बाहिर छोडी

4. Other than – बाहिर छोडी

5. Beyond – बाहिर

6. Not counting – बाहिर छोडी


The antonym of “aside from” is “including” which can be translated as “समेत”.

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