Alleviating: Meaning in Nepali

Alleviating (उपशमन, सुधारना) is a verb in Nepali that means to reduce or relieve the intensity or severity of something, especially pain, suffering, or a problem.

Pronunciation: (uh-lee-vee-ey-ting)

Part of Speech: Verb

Nearby Words:

  • Alleviate (उपशमन गर्नु): Verb – to make something less severe or intense.
  • Relieve (राहत दिनु): Verb – to ease or alleviate something.
  • Mitigate (कम गर्नु): Verb – to make something less severe, serious, or painful.
  • Lessen (कम गर्नु): Verb – to make something smaller in degree or amount.
  • Diminish (कम गर्नु): Verb – to make something smaller, weaker, or less important.


  • Relieve (राहत दिनु)
  • Alleviate (उपशमन गर्नु)
  • Lessen (कम गर्नु)
  • Mitigate (कम गर्नु)
  • Reduce (हटाउनु)


The antonym of alleviating in Nepali is:

  • Aggravate (बढाउनु)

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Alleviating is a crucial action that helps in reducing pain, suffering, or problems. By understanding its meaning and synonyms, one can effectively communicate and address the need for relief or improvement in various situations.

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