Affinity Meaning in Nepali

Affinity meaning in Nepali: आदान-प्रदान, सम्बन्ध, सम्बन्धितता

Pronunciation: [uh-fin-i-tee]

Part of Speech: noun

Nearby Words:

  • Agreement (noun) – सहमति, मेलमिलाप
  • Association (noun) – संघ, संघटना
  • Bond (noun) – बंधन, जोड़
  • Connection (noun) – जड़, संबंध
  • Relation (noun) – संबंध, नाता

Affinity Synonyms:

  • Connection
  • Relationship
  • Association
  • Bond
  • Tie

Affinity Antonyms:

Nepali meaning not available.

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Remember, affinity refers to a natural liking or connection between people, things, or ideas. It signifies a close relationship or similarity.

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