acquired taste

Acquired Taste: Exploring the Meaning and Significance

Meaning in Nepali: अर्जित स्वाद (arjit swaad), प्राप्त स्वाद (prapt swaad)

Pronunciation: (uh-kwahyuhrd teyst)

Part of Speech: noun

Nearby Words:

  • 1. Preference: (noun) प्राथमिकता (prathamikta), पसन्द (pasand)
  • 2. Palate: (noun) जिभ्रा (jibhra), रसना (rasna)
  • 3. Savory: (adjective) मसालेदार (masaledar), स्वादिष्ट (swadisht)
  • 4. Distinctive: (adjective) विशिष्ट (vishisht), अनोखा (anokha)
  • 5. Unconventional: (adjective) अपरंपरागत (aparamparagat), अनौपचारिक (anopcharik)


  • 1. Acquired flavor
  • 2. Cultivated taste
  • 3. Refined preference
  • 4. Developed liking
  • 5. Sophisticated palate


अप्राप्त स्वाद (aprapt swaad) – Unacquired taste

To delve into the concept of an acquired taste, it refers to a preference or liking for something that is not immediately enjoyable or appreciated by everyone. It implies that an individual develops an appreciation or fondness for certain things over time, often after repeated exposure or experimentation.

An acquired taste can apply to various aspects of life, such as food, music, art, or even activities. It signifies a refined palate or discerning taste that goes beyond initial impressions. While some may find certain flavors or experiences unpleasant initially, they may gradually develop an affinity for them, finding pleasure and satisfaction in what was once unfamiliar or challenging.

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