Adulterate Meaning in Nepali

Adulterate meaning in Nepali: अपशिष्ट, मिश्रित कर्म, अपवित्रीकरण (apashisht, mishrit karm, apavitrīkaraṇ)

Pronunciation: [uh-duhl-tuh-reyt]

Part of Speech: verb

Nearby Words:

  • Adulteration: noun, अपशिष्टीकरण (apashishtīkaraṇ)
  • Adulterator: noun, अपशिष्टीकर्ता (apashishtīkartā)
  • Adulteress: noun, अपवित्री (apavitrī)
  • Adulterine: adjective, अपवित्र (apavitra)
  • Adulterously: adverb, अपवित्रतापूर्वक (apavitratāpūrvaka)


  • Contaminate
  • Dilute
  • Taint
  • Debase
  • Impure


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Adulterate is a verb that means to make something impure or weaker by adding inferior or improper substances. It is often used in the context of food or drinks being contaminated or diluted. In Nepali, the word can be translated as अपशिष्ट, मिश्रित कर्म, अपवित्रीकरण (apashisht, mishrit karm, apavitrīkaraṇ).

Some nearby words related to adulterate include adulteration (अपशिष्टीकरण), which refers to the act of adulterating, and adulterator (अपशिष्टीकर्ता), which is a person who adulterates. Adulteress (अपवित्री) is a noun used to describe a woman who commits adultery, while adulterine (अपवित्र) is an adjective meaning impure. Adulterously (अपवित्रतापूर्वक) is an adverb form of adulterate.

Some synonyms for adulterate include contaminate, dilute, taint, debase, and impure.

Unfortunately, there are no available antonyms for adulterate in Nepali.

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