bad temper

Bad Temper Meaning in Nepali

Nepali Meanings: खराब मनसाय, खराब चित्त, खराब उत्तेजना

Part of Speech:

Bad temper is a noun phrase.


(bæd ˈtɛmpər)

Bad Temper Synonyms:

1. Anger – रोष, क्रोध

2. Irritability – चिड़चिड़ापन, चिढ़

3. Rage – क्रोध, गुस्सा

4. Frustration – निराशा, निराशा

5. Wrath – क्रोध, रोष

6. Fury – क्रोध, रोष

Description and Origination of Bad Temper:

Bad temper refers to a state of being easily angered or irritated. It is characterized by a quick and intense emotional response to perceived provocation or frustration. People with a bad temper often display anger, aggression, and impatience in their behavior. This temperament can negatively impact personal relationships and overall well-being. The origins of bad temper can vary from individual to individual, including genetic factors, upbringing, and life experiences.


1. Calmness – शान्ति, शान्ति

2. Patience – धैर्य, सहनशीलता

3. Serenity – शान्ति, शान्ति

4. Tolerance – सहिष्णुता, सहिष्णुता

5. Composure – स्थिरता, स्थिरता

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