adoptive father

Adoptive Father

Meaning in Nepali: गोद लिएको बाबा, गोद लिएको बाबु

Pronunciation: (अडोप्टिभ फादर)

Part of Speech: noun

Nearby Words:

  • Adopt: verb, गोद लिनु
  • Adoption: noun, गोद लिनु
  • Adopter: noun, गोद लिने व्यक्ति
  • Adoptive: adjective, गोद लिएको
  • Adoptive Mother: noun, गोद लिएको आमा


  • Foster Father
  • Guardian Father
  • Surrogate Father
  • Stepfather
  • Legal Father


No direct antonyms found in Nepali.

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Adoptive father refers to a male individual who has legally taken on the role of a father to a child through the process of adoption. In Nepali, the term “adoptive father” can be translated as “गोद लिएको बाबा” or “गोद लिएको बाबु.” It is a noun and is pronounced as “अडोप्टिभ फादर.” Nearby words include “adopt” (गोद लिनु), “adoption” (गोद लिनु), “adopter” (गोद लिने व्यक्ति), “adoptive” (गोद लिएको), and “adoptive mother” (गोद लिएको आमा).

Synonyms for adoptive father include “foster father,” “guardian father,” “surrogate father,” “stepfather,” and “legal father.” However, there are no direct antonyms for this term in Nepali.

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