at a price

At a Price Meaning in Nepali

In Nepali, “at a price” can be translated into several meanings, including:

  • मुल्यमा (adverb) – at a cost
  • कीमतमा (adverb) – at a price
  • मूल्यमा (adverb) – at a value
  • दाममा (adverb) – at a rate

Part of Speech: The phrase “at a price” functions as an adverbial phrase.

Pronunciation: (at uh prahys)

Synonyms of “at a price” include:

  • For a fee – शुल्कमा (shulkma)
  • For a cost – खर्चमा (kharchma)
  • For a price – मूल्यमा (mulyama)
  • At a cost – खर्चमा (kharchma)
  • At a rate – दाममा (dammama)
  • For a value – मूल्यमा (mulyama)


  • Free – निःशुल्क (nishulk)
  • Without charge – शुल्करहित (shulkarahit)

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