Assisted Meaning in Nepali: सहायता गरिएको, सहायता गरिएको, सहायता गरिएको, सहायता गरिएको, सहायता गरिएको

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Noun: Assistance (सहायता), Assistant (सहायक), Assist (सहयोग), Associate (सहकर्मी), Aid (सहायता)

Verb: Help (मद्दत गर्नु), Support (समर्थन गर्नु), Aid (सहायता गर्नु), Facilitate (सुविधा प्रदान गर्नु), Guide (मार्गदर्शन गर्नु)

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Assisted Synonyms:

Helped (मद्दत गरिएको), Supported (समर्थन गरिएको), Aided (सहायता गरिएको), Facilitated (सुविधा प्रदान गरिएको), Guided (मार्गदर्शन गरिएको)

Assisted is a verb that means to help or support someone in doing something. It is derived from the Latin word “assistere,” which means to stand by or be present. In Nepali, assisted can be translated as सहायता गरिएको or सहयोग गरिएको. It is often used in the context of providing aid or support to someone in need. Antonyms of assisted include hindered (रोकिएको), obstructed (बाधा गरिएको), and impeded (अवरोध गरिएको).

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