Part of Speech: Noun

Meaning in Nepali:

1. कार्य (kārya)

2. क्रिया (kriyā)



Nearby Words:

1. Activity (Noun) – गतिविधि (gatividhi)

2. Behavior (Noun) – आचरण (ācharan)

3. Deed (Noun) – काम (kām)


1. Deeds

2. Performances

3. Movements

4. Behaviors

5. Doings


अक्रिया (akriyā) – Inactivity

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Actions refer to the things that a person does, typically in response to a situation or as a result of their own initiative. In Nepali, the word “actions” can be translated as “कार्य” (kārya) or “क्रिया” (kriyā). It is a noun that represents various activities, behaviors, or deeds performed by individuals.

Some nearby words related to actions include “activity” (गतिविधि – gatividhi), “behavior” (आचरण – ācharan), and “deed” (काम – kām). These words are often used interchangeably with actions, highlighting different aspects of human behavior and performance.

Synonyms for actions include “deeds,” “performances,” “movements,” “behaviors,” and “doings.” These words can be used to express similar concepts or describe specific actions in different contexts.

An antonym for actions is “अक्रिया” (akriyā), which means inactivity. This term represents the absence of action or the state of not engaging in any specific activity.

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