Pronunciation: (uh-beys-iz)

Part of Speech: verb

Abases is a verb that means to lower in rank, dignity, or esteem. It is often used to describe the act of humiliating or degrading someone or oneself.

Nearby Words:

  • Abashed (शर्मिला) – embarrassed or ashamed
  • Abate (कम गर्नु) – to reduce or lessen
  • Abbreviate (संक्षेप गर्नु) – to shorten or condense
  • Abduct (अपहरण गर्नु) – to kidnap or take by force
  • Abhor (घृणा गर्नु) – to hate or detest
  • Abject (निराशाजनक) – extremely bad or degrading
  • Abnormal (असामान्य) – not normal or usual
  • Absolve (माफ गर्नु) – to free from guilt or blame


  • Degrade (निर्मूल गर्नु) – to lower in rank or status
  • Humiliate (अपमान गर्नु) – to embarrass or shame
  • Belittle (छोटो बनाउनु) – to make someone or something seem unimportant
  • Disgrace (लज्जालु गर्नु) – to bring shame or dishonor
  • Debase (निर्मूल गर्नु) – to lower in quality or value


  • Elevate (उच्च गर्नु) – to raise in rank or status
  • Honor (सम्मान गर्नु) – to show respect or admiration
  • Dignify (महत्त्व दिनु) – to give importance or honor

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