Afield Meaning in Nepali

Afield meaning in Nepali: बाहिर, दूर, देशभरी

Pronunciation: [uh-feeld]

Part of Speech: Adverb

Nearby Words:

  • Affair (Noun) – काम, घटना, सम्बन्ध
  • Affect (Verb) – प्रभावित गर्नु, असर गर्नु, लाग्नु
  • Affection (Noun) – माया, प्रेम, आदर
  • Affirm (Verb) – पुष्टि गर्नु, स्वीकार गर्नु, दावा गर्नु
  • Afflict (Verb) – कष्ट दिनु, दुख पहुँचाउनु, रोग लाग्नु


  • Far
  • Away
  • Abroad
  • Distant
  • Remote


Antonyms not available in Nepali.

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Note: This article provides the Nepali translation and meaning of the word “afield.” The pronunciation is given in brackets. The word is categorized as an adverb and is related to nearby words such as “affair,” “affect,” “affection,” “affirm,” and “afflict.” Synonyms for “afield” include “far,” “away,” “abroad,” “distant,” and “remote.” Unfortunately, antonyms are not available in Nepali. For further information, you can visit,, or

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