Amoebic Meaning in Telugu

Amoebic is an English word that refers to something related to or caused by amoebas. In Telugu, the word “amoebic” can be translated into multiple meanings:

  • అమీబిక్ (amībik) – Meaning “amoebic” in Telugu.
  • అమీబాయిక (amībāyika) – Referring to something related to amoebas.
  • అమీబాయిక జీవి (amībāyika jīvi) – Meaning “amoebic organism.”

Pronunciation of Amoebic

The word “amoebic” is pronounced as /əˈmiːbɪk/ in English.

Nearby Words

  • Nearby words:
    • Amoeba (Noun) – అమీబా (amībā) – A type of single-celled organism.
    • Amoeboid (Adjective) – అమీబాకారమైన (amībākāramaina) – Resembling an amoeba in shape or movement.
    • Amoebocyte (Noun) – అమీబోసైట్ (amībōsait) – A cell in the body of an invertebrate animal that moves like an amoeba.

Amoebic Synonyms

  • Some synonyms of “amoebic” include:
    • Amoeban
    • Amoebous
    • Amoeboid

Amoebic Antonyms

The antonym of “amoebic” in Telugu is “అమీబిక్ నిరోధకం” (amībik nirodhakam), meaning “non-amoebic.”

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