ammonium chloride

Ammonium Chloride Meaning in Telugu

Ammonium chloride, also known as “అమ్మోనియం క్లోరైడ్” in Telugu, is a chemical compound commonly used in various industries. It has several meanings in Telugu, including:

  • అమ్మోనియం క్లోరైడ్ – Ammonium Chloride
  • నిర్జలీకరణ క్రియ – Dehydration process
  • విషమత్వ నిర్ణయం – Determination of acidity

Pronunciation of Ammonium Chloride

The pronunciation of “ammonium chloride” in Telugu is “అమ్మోనియం క్లోరైడ్”.

Nearby Words

Here are some nearby words with their parts of speech and meanings in Telugu:

  • Ammonia (Noun) – అమ్మోనియం, a pungent gas used in various industries.
  • Chloride (Noun) – క్లోరైడ్, a chemical compound containing chlorine.
  • Chemical (Noun) – రసాయనం, a substance with distinct properties and composition.

Example Sentence: అమ్మోనియం క్లోరైడ్ రసాయనం మానవ ఉపయోగాలకు ఉపయోగపడే ఒక ప్రముఖ వస్తువు.

Ammonium Chloride Synonyms

Some synonyms for ammonium chloride include:

  • Sal Ammoniac
  • Muriate of Ammonia
  • Salmiac

Ammonium Chloride Antonyms

The antonym for ammonium chloride in Telugu is “అన్నిటానిక్ క్లోరైడ్”.

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