Ammonia Meaning in Telugu

Ammonia is a chemical compound that is commonly used in cleaning products and fertilizers. In Telugu, it is known by several meanings:

1. అమ్మోనియా (Ammonia): This is the direct translation of ammonia in Telugu.

2. అమ్మోనియా (Ammonia): Another common term used to refer to ammonia in Telugu.

3. అమ్మోనియా (Ammonia): Yet another term used to describe ammonia in Telugu.

Pronunciation of Ammonia

The word “ammonia” is pronounced as uh-moh-nee-uh in English. In Telugu, it is pronounced as అమ్మోనియా (am-mo-ni-ya).

Nearby Words

Here are some nearby words related to ammonia in Telugu:


1. అమ్మోనియం (Ammonium) – a positively charged ion with the formula NH4+

2. అమ్మోనియం నిత్రేట్ (Ammonium Nitrate) – a chemical compound used as a fertilizer and explosive


1. అమ్మోనియం పూరిత (Ammonia Puri) – referring to something that is filled or saturated with ammonia

2. అమ్మోనియం వంటి (Ammonia Vanti) – resembling or characteristic of ammonia

Ammonia Synonyms

Some synonyms for ammonia include:

1. అమ్మోనియా (Ammonia)

2. అమ్మోనియం (Ammonium)

3. అమ్మోనియం నిత్రేట్ (Ammonium Nitrate)

Ammonia Antonyms

The antonym for ammonia in Telugu is అన్నిటామ్మోనియా (Annitaammonia).


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