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Allow For: Meaning and Pronunciation

The phrase “allow for” is commonly used in English to indicate making provisions or considering something. In Telugu, it can be translated as అనుమతించు (anumatinchu), అనుమతి ఇవ్వు (anumati ivvu), అనుమతి చేయండి (anumati cheyandi), అనుమతి పంపండి (anumati pampandi), అనుమతి ఇవ్వండి (anumati ivvandi), etc.

Pronunciation: uh-lou fawr

Synonyms of Allow For

Some synonyms of “allow for” include:

  • consider
  • take into account
  • make provision for
  • factor in
  • anticipate

Nearby Words

Here are some nearby words related to “allow for” along with their parts of speech and meanings in Telugu:

  • Allowance (noun) – అనుమతి, భత్యం (anumati, bhatyam)
    Example sentence: He receives a monthly allowance from his parents.
  • Allowed (adjective) – అనుమతించబడిన (anumatinchabadina)
    Example sentence: Smoking is not allowed in this area.
  • Allowable (adjective) – అనుమతించగల (anumatinchagala)
    Example sentence: The maximum weight limit is within the allowable range.
  • Allowably (adverb) – అనుమతించగా (anumatinchaga)
    Example sentence: The expenses were allowably deducted from the total income.


The antonym of “allow for” is “disallow” in English. In Telugu, it can be translated as అనుమతి ఇవ్వకు (anumati ivvaku).

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