Alleyway: Meaning and Pronunciation

An alleyway, also known as a backstreet or a narrow passage, refers to a narrow path or walkway between buildings or walls. In Telugu, it is called “గల్లుకంటి గది” (gallukanti gadi).

Pronunciation: [al-ee-wey] *

Synonyms of Alleyway

1. Lane
2. Pathway
3. Passage
4. Corridor
5. Byway

Nearby Words

1. Street (Noun) – వీధి (veedhi) – I live on the same street as my friend.
2. Building (Noun) – భవనం (bhavanam) – The alleyway is located between two tall buildings.
3. Wall (Noun) – గోడ (goda) – The graffiti on the wall of the alleyway is impressive.
4. Narrow (Adjective) – తక్కువ (takkuvu) – Be careful while walking through the narrow alleyway.
5. Dark (Adjective) – ముగ్గ (mugga) – The alleyway was dimly lit and felt eerie at night.

Example Sentence: The cat darted into the alleyway, chasing a mouse.


The antonym of alleyway in Telugu is “రస్త” (rasta), which means “road” in English.

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