Admonish: Meaning and Pronunciation

Meaning: Admonish is a verb that means to warn or reprimand someone firmly.

Telugu Meaning: మంచిగా చెప్పు, మంచిగా చెప్పుట, మంచిగా చెప్పుటకు ప్రేరేపించు

Pronunciation: /ədˈmɒnɪʃ/

Synonyms of Admonish

1. Reprimand

2. Reprove

3. Scold

4. Warn

5. Chide

Nearby Words

1. Admonishment (Noun) – మంచిగా చెప్పుట

Example: His admonishment made her realize her mistake.

2. Admonitory (Adjective) – మంచిగా చెప్పుటకు సంబంధించిన

Example: The teacher gave an admonitory speech to the students.

3. Admonisher (Noun) – మంచిగా చెప్పుటకు ప్రేరేపించేవాడు

Example: The boss acted as an admonisher to the employees.


The antonym of admonish is “Praise” in Telugu.

Telugu Meaning: ప్రశంసించు

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