Alleys: Meaning and Pronunciation in Telugu

Alleys, in Telugu, can be translated as గల్లులు (gallulu), గల్లిలో (gallilō), గల్లి (galli), గల్లిలోని (gallilōni), గల్లిలోనికి (gallilōniki), గల్లిలోనికిన (gallilōnikina), గల్లిలోనికినా (gallilōnikinā), గల్లిలోనికినాకు (gallilōnikināku), గల్లిలోనికినాకున (gallilōnikinākuna), గల్లిలోనికినాకునా (gallilōnikinākunā).

Pronunciation: (gallulu, gallilō, galli, gallilōni, gallilōniki, gallilōnikina, gallilōnikinā, gallilōnikināku, gallilōnikinākuna, gallilōnikinākunā)

Synonyms of Alleys

1. Pathway
2. Passageway
3. Lane
4. Corridor
5. Byway
6. Backstreet
7. Sidewalk
8. Footpath
9. Trail
10. Track

Nearby Words

1. Street (Noun) – వీధి (vīdhi) – I live on the same street as my friend.
2. Road (Noun) – రస్త (rasta) – The road was closed due to construction.
3. Lane (Noun) – పాదమండపం (pādamandapaṁ) – The lane behind the house is very narrow.
4. Path (Noun) – మార్గం (mārgaṁ) – We took a scenic path through the forest.
5. Avenue (Noun) – అవెన్యూ (avenyū) – The shops on this avenue are quite expensive.

Example Sentences:

1. I walked down the alley to reach the market.
2. The children played in the narrow alley behind the houses.
3. The cat darted into the alley and disappeared.
4. The alley was dimly lit and filled with garbage.
5. She parked her car in the alley and entered through the back door.


The antonym of alleys in Telugu is రస్త (rasta).


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