all time

All Time

All time is a phrase used to refer to a period that encompasses the entirety of history or a specific duration that is considered significant. In Telugu, all time can be translated as అన్ని సమయం (anni samayam).


All time is pronounced as “awl tahym” in English.


Some synonyms for all time include eternal, everlasting, timeless, and perpetual.

Nearby Words

  • Always (adverb) – ఎప్పటికీ (eppatiki) – She is always smiling.
  • Forever (adverb) – ఎప్పుడూ (eppudu) – Their love will last forever.
  • Throughout (preposition) – అంతరంగంగా (antarangamga) – He worked hard throughout the night.
  • Perpetual (adjective) – నిత్య (nitya) – The perpetual beauty of nature mesmerizes me.


The antonym for all time is temporary, which can be translated as క్షణిక (kshanika) in Telugu.

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