all out

All Out

All Out is an English phrase that has multiple meanings. Let’s explore the different meanings and usage of this phrase.

Meanings in Telugu:

అన్ని బయటకు (anni bayataku), పూర్తిగా బయటకు (poortiga bayataku), మొత్తం బయటకు (mottam bayataku)


awl out


Complete, total, thorough, exhaustive, comprehensive

Nearby Words:

– All (pronoun) – అన్ని (anni) – All the students attended the seminar.
– Out (adverb) – బయటకు (bayataku) – He went out for a walk.
– Allot (verb) – కొంతమందికి కొంత పండించు (konthamandiki kontha pandinchu) – The teacher will allot seats to the students.
– Allow (verb) – అనుమతించు (anumatinchu) – Please allow me to enter the room.
– Allege (verb) – ఆరోపించు (aropinchu) – The witness alleged that he saw the crime happen.


None (ad)

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