Admonitions: Meaning and Pronunciation

Admonitions, in Telugu language, can be translated as మంచిగా చెప్పుట (manchigā cheppuṭa), మంచిగా సూచించుట (manchigā sūciñcuṭa), మంచిగా మాట్లాడుట (manchigā māṭlāḍuṭa), and మంచిగా మార్చుట (manchigā mārcuṭa).

Pronunciation: uh d-mon-ish-uhns

Synonyms of Admonitions

Some synonyms of admonitions include warnings, reprimands, rebukes, scoldings, and reproaches.

Nearby Words

1. Admonish (verb) – మంచిగా చెప్పుట (manchigā cheppuṭa) – The teacher admonished the students for not completing their homework.

2. Admonisher (noun) – మంచిగా సూచించువాడు (manchigā sūciñcu vāḍu) – The boss is known to be a strict admonisher.

3. Admonishingly (adverb) – మంచిగా చెప్పుటకు (manchigā cheppuṭaku) – She looked at him admonishingly when he arrived late.


The antonym of admonitions is ఆదరణ (ādaraṇa) in Telugu.

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