Agiotage: Meaning and Pronunciation

Agiotage is a noun that refers to the practice of speculating or profiting from fluctuations in the prices of stocks, commodities, or currencies. In Telugu, it is known as అగియోటేజ్ (agiōṭēj).

Pronunciation: [ahy-uh-tahzh]

Synonyms of Agiotage

1. Speculation
2. Arbitrage
3. Trading
4. Stock market manipulation
5. Price gouging

Nearby Words

1. Agio (Noun) – అగియో: The premium or discount on foreign money.

Example: The agio on the dollar has increased.

2. Agist (Verb) – అగిస్ట్: To take in and feed animals for a fee.

Example: The farmer agisted his cattle on the neighboring farm.

3. Agita (Noun) – అగిటా: A feeling of anxiety or agitation.

Example: The upcoming exam gave him agita.

4. Agitator (Noun) – అగిటేటర్: A person who stirs up public feeling on a controversial issue.

Example: The political agitator rallied the crowd with his powerful speech.

5. Agitate (Verb) – అగిటేట్: To make someone feel anxious or troubled.

Example: The constant noise from the construction site agitated the residents.


The antonym of agiotage in Telugu is అగియోటేజ్ (agiōṭēj) విరుద్ధంగా (viruddhaṅgā).


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