Adulation: Meaning and Pronunciation

Adulation is a noun that refers to excessive praise or flattery. In Telugu, it is known as పూజలు (pūjalu), ప్రశంసలు (praśansalu), ప్రశంస (praśansa), ప్రశంసా (praśansā), ప్రశంసించు (praśansin̄cu).

Pronunciation: uh-juh-ley-shuhn

Synonyms of Adulation

1. Flattery
2. Worship
3. Adoration
4. Praise
5. Compliment

Nearby Words

1. Adulate (verb) – పూజించు (pūjin̄cu) – The fans adulate their favorite actor.
2. Adulator (noun) – పూజకుడు (pūjakudu) – He is known as an adulator because he always praises others excessively.
3. Adulatory (adjective) – పూజాపూర్వకమైన (pūjāpūrvakamaina) – Her adulatory remarks made everyone feel uncomfortable.
4. Adulated (verb) – పూజించిన (pūjin̄cina) – The politician was adulated by his supporters.
5. Adulating (verb) – పూజించుట (pūjin̄cuṭa) – She was adulating her boss to gain favor.


The antonym of adulation in Telugu is నింద (ninda), which means “criticism” or “disapproval”.

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