Adulator: Meaning and Pronunciation

Adulator is a noun that refers to a person who excessively praises or flatters someone, often for personal gain. In Telugu, adulator can be translated as పుజ్యమానుడు (pujyamaanudu), పుజ్యమానికి పుజ్యం చేసే వ్యక్తి (pujyamaaniki pujyam chese vyakti), or పుజ్యమానికి పుజ్యం చేసే వ్యక్తి (pujyamaaniki pujyam chese vyakti).

Pronunciation: uh-joo-ley-ter

Synonyms of Adulator

1. Flatterer
2. Sycophant
3. Fawner
4. Toady
5. Bootlicker

Nearby Words

1. Adulate (verb) – పుజ్యం చేయు (pujyam cheyu) – The politician loved to adulate his supporters during his speeches.

2. Adulation (noun) – పుజ్యం (pujyam) – The actor received adulation from his fans after his outstanding performance.

3. Adulatory (adjective) – పుజ్యంగా (pujyamga) – The adulatory remarks made by the journalist were seen as insincere.


The antonym of adulator in Telugu is నిందకుడు (nindakudu), which means “critic” or “detractor”.

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