Comply Meaning in Nepali

Meanings of Comply in Nepali

1. अनुपालन गर्नु: Comply (verb) means to obey or follow a rule, request, or command. It implies adhering to a given instruction or conforming to a particular requirement.

2. मान्यता दिनु: Comply (verb) also signifies giving consent or approval to something. It implies accepting or agreeing to a proposal, suggestion, or demand.

3. अनुसरण गर्नु: Comply (verb) can also mean to conform or adapt to a certain behavior or practice. It implies adjusting one’s actions or behavior to align with a specific standard or expectation.

Parts of Speech of Comply

The word comply is a verb.

Synonyms of Comply

1. Obey (आज्ञा पालन गर्नु): To comply with something is to obey it, following the given instructions or rules.

2. Conform (अनुरूप बन्नु): Complying with a requirement means conforming to it, adjusting one’s actions or behavior accordingly.

3. Adhere (पालन गर्नु): To comply with a rule or request is to adhere to it, sticking to the given guidelines or instructions.

4. Submit (पेश गर्नु): Complying with a demand or command can be seen as submitting to it, accepting and following the given order.

Antonyms of Comply

1. Defy (अवहेलना गर्नु): Defying means to refuse or resist complying with a rule, request, or command.

2. Disobey (अवज्ञा गर्नु): Disobeying implies not complying with a given instruction or rule, intentionally going against it.

3. Rebel (विद्रोह गर्नु): Rebelling is the act of opposing or defying authority, not complying with their orders or rules.

Nearby Words of Comply

1. Compliance (noun) – अनुपालन: Compliance refers to the act of complying, following rules or instructions.

2. Compliant (adjective) – अनुपालनशील: Compliant describes someone or something that is willing to comply, obedient or conforming.

3. Compliable (adjective) – अनुपालन गर्न सक्ने: Compliable means capable of being complied with, able to conform or adhere to given instructions or rules.

4. Noncompliance (noun) – अनुपालन नगर्ने: Noncompliance refers to the act of not complying, failing to follow rules or instructions.

5. Noncompliant (adjective) – अनुपालन नगर्ने: Noncompliant describes someone or something that does not comply, disobedient or resistant to following rules or instructions.

6. Noncompliable (adjective) – अनुपालन गर्न नसक्ने: Noncompliable means not capable of being complied with, unable to conform or adhere to given instructions or rules.

Complying with rules, requests, or commands is an essential aspect of maintaining order and harmony in any society. It ensures that individuals and organizations follow established guidelines and work towards common goals. By understanding the various meanings, parts of speech, synonyms, antonyms, and nearby words of comply in Nepali, we can better comprehend its significance and usage in different contexts. Whether it is obeying rules, conforming to expectations, or accepting proposals, compliance plays a crucial role in fostering cooperation and achieving desired outcomes.

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