Bald-faced Meaning in Nepali

Nepali Meanings: निर्लज्ज, निर्लज्जतापूर्ण, निर्लज्जताको, निर्लज्जतापूर्णताको

Part of Speech:

Bald-faced is an adjective.



Bald-faced Synonyms:

1. Shameless – निर्लज्ज, निर्लज्जतापूर्ण

2. Brazen – निर्लज्ज, निर्लज्जतापूर्ण

3. Audacious – निर्लज्ज, निर्लज्जतापूर्ण

4. Impudent – निर्लज्ज, निर्लज्जतापूर्ण

5. Bold – निर्लज्ज, निर्लज्जतापूर्ण

Description and Origination:

Bald-faced, meaning shameless or audacious, is an adjective used to describe someone who shows no shame or guilt in their actions or behavior. The term originated from the literal meaning of “bald-faced,” which refers to a person or animal with a hairless face. In this context, it symbolizes the lack of a figurative “mask” or cover-up for one’s actions. A bald-faced liar, for example, is someone who lies without any attempt to hide or disguise the truth. This term is commonly used in both formal and informal contexts to describe someone who displays a complete disregard for social norms or moral standards.


1. Modest – लज्जालु, लज्जाको

2. Shy – लज्जालु, लज्जाको

3. Timid – लज्जालु, लज्जाको

4. Reserved – लज्जालु, लज्जाको

5. Humble – लज्जालु, लज्जाको


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