at every step

At Every Step Meaning in Nepali

At every step, meaning in Nepali can be translated as “प्रत्येक कदममा” or “प्रत्येक चरणमा”.

Nearby Words

  • At (preposition) – “मा”
  • Every (adjective) – “प्रत्येक”
  • Step (noun) – “कदम” or “चरण”

Part of Speech: The phrase “at every step” is an adverbial phrase.

(Pronunciation: at ev-ree step)

Synonyms of At Every Step

  • At Each Step – “प्रत्येक कदममा”
  • At Every Stage – “प्रत्येक चरणमा”
  • At Every Turn – “प्रत्येक बाटोमा”
  • At Every Moment – “प्रत्येक पलमा”
  • Throughout – “सबै भएर”

Description: The phrase “at every step” emphasizes the occurrence or presence of something at each individual stage or action.

Origination: The phrase originated from the English language and is commonly used to express the continuous presence or occurrence of something throughout a process or journey.


  • At No Step – “कुनै पनि कदममा”
  • At Some Steps – “केही कदममा”
  • Occasionally – “कदापि”
  • At Certain Stages – “निश्चित चरणमा”
  • At Specific Moments – “निश्चित पलमा”

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